Bookworm Birthday Cake for Quadruplets

This birthday cake was made for four kids who celebrated their 6th birthday, on the 13/12/2011.

Two boys and two girls. Quadruplets! 

The cake was delivered to their school and they blew the candles having their classmates singing to them. Pupils and teachers seemed excited with the cake design and as I was told later on, they were very pleased with what they tasted as well.

I made a double fudge chocolate cake.

The lollipops were made of melted chocolate and smarties, and they were  given to the kids as a gift.

Instead of using a wooden stick to keep the head and tail in place, I used a spagetti.  The cake was taken to a school so I wanted to make sure that the kids wouldn't hurt themselves...

 I used a knife to create the page effect.