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Keikos Cakes

Keikos Cakes
Your Family Will LOVE These Cakes! Surprise YourFriends And Family With Something Special…
(There’s another cake video below…) “Where did you buy this awesome cake?”
They can’t believe YOU really made it…
“Can I have one more please?”
They just can’t stop eating these cakes
“Mom, that’s delicious…”
It’s because I love you… 🙂 What’s Your Favorite? Here are just five of the many delicious treats you can make for your loved ones: ★ Coco Berry ★
A dream cake with layers of strawberry and coconut mousse. Extra fruity with a center of strawberry compote and a soft coconut dacquoise. ★ Macarons ★
Make perfect macarons at home!
Try one of the many variations and share these little treats with your friends and family. ★ Tropical Cheesecake ★
A tropical cheesecake with eight delicious layers. Tropical jelly, cheese mousse, cheese souffle sponge, and more. ★ Black Forest Roll ★ It’s a roll cake version of the classic Black Forest cake. The chocolate chiffon sponge makes this cake extra soft and delic…
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Airplane Cake (orange sponge cake with buttercream and fondant)

Airplane Cake 

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Chocolate Cup Cake

Just a quick post...

How to Make a Better Coffee Today (Guest Post by Mike Anderson, Barista Buzz)

We all visit the coffee houses which appear to always make the perfect cup of coffee. In many occasions, we wish we could do this at home but without spending the thousands of dollars on the equipment. What it takes is some insight of how almost everything can affect the taste of your coffee when you brew at home. All this and more you can learn from many places which offer barista courses. You can though get very close without this training as long as you follow a few simple procedures. To save you time searching for these, we have included them here. So now don your barista cap and get stuck into making a perfect cup of coffee at home. These methods are using a pour-over setup so invest in one before making heavenly cups. Step 1:Fresh Coffee Beans If you can find a local dealer who sells coffee beans all the better your cup will taste. On a pack, there will be a “best by” date. This isn’t the date you need to look for, the one you want is the roasting date. This should be preferably wi…

Noodles with Vegetables

Noodles with Vegetables Recipe from the book "Από Δευτέρα Δίαιτα...ΤΕΛΟΣ"
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Oreo Cream Birthday Cake

Oreo Cream Birthday Cake!!

Από Δευτέρα Δίαιτα... ΤΕΛΟΣ!

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