HELP Cancer Patients - (the Giveaway)

Dear friends,

Unfortunately no one met the four requirements about the Giveaway. 
The HELP Cancer Patient post, had only 9 comments from which none followed the giveaway instructions, which were:

In order to participate in this give away please do the following:

- Leave a comment on this post stating your thoughts about cancer.
- Share the post in facebook and/or twitter.
- Post at least a line in your blog/site with links to my post.
- Leave a 2nd comment on this post letting me know of your actions.

I hope you all keep helping people in need!!


  1. Eva: I am so sorry no one answered.

    I'm even sorrier that I can't help. I don't do facebook or twitter and I don't have a blog (yet.. I'm playing with the thought.)

    We have had so many in our family die of cancer.... breast, pancreatic, melanoma and the list goes on.
    At the moment I'm waiting to hear if the tumor in my arm is cancerous.

    I will be praying that you have a rush of comments that fill the criteria.

    God Bless you for doing this.

  2. Cancer is a frightening disease because the cause is difficult to pinpoint and because it is initially invisible and may not prompt a trip to the doctor. Fortunately many forms of cancer do respond well to treatment. Because it is initially invisible, and because it becomes more prevalent in Middle Adulthood, it is important to schedule annual exams, or at least do self-exams regularly, beginning in Middle Adulthood. The earlier it is identified that easier the treatment and recovery. At 40 I started going for annual mammograms, but learning that radiation can be one of the environmental risk factors makes it a confusing choice to make. I did not go this year (also partly do to changing health insurance coverage). And, I do not examine my own breasts for lumps. I wonder if it would help to teach young children to do this so that it becomes habit by middle age (or I need to practice some self-discipline!) And, men also need to make at least annual visits, for prostate exams, and give themselves regular testicular exams.
    While some cancers such as breast cancer appear to be genetic, there are also environmental risk factors that we can address as a form of prevention. Preventive measures include: good nutrition; no smoking; limit alcohol use, exposure to sunlight, exposure to radiation, and occupational toxins such as asbestos. When these are part of our environment we can practice moderation, while we advocate for improvements in the environment. Schedule regular doctor appointments because early detection is key to maintaining wellness.

  3. I think many young adults do not comprehend the seriousness of the disease. I don't think a person should wait until their middle adulthood to start thinking about the seriousness of a healthy lifestyle. Although many forms of cancer may not be identified until middle adulthood, a person should not put off annual exams and other types of examinations that can potentially help them in the later years. Many particular liefstyles, i.e.: smoking, diet, exposure to cancer causing agents such as sunlight may raise their chances of coming down with such a disease. It's important that as a young adult, a person should take into consideration all the consequences of what such a lifestyle can potentially lead too, whether it is good or bad. Starting awareness early in life and once all the psychological factors come into play, such as making choices involving every day matters, will eventually lead to a longer and healthier life span. Environment can also play a big part in an individual's health and can be a result of having a bad illness. It's important to realize the envireonment you live in. Figure out ways to make it better and safer in every aspect to lower your risk of any illnesses.

  4. I agree. Many people do not adopt a healthy lifestyle and continue to believe in personal fables from their youth that make them think such diseases will never happen to them. As noted in my Dev Psych class this semester, as we age, diseases like cancer are more likely to impact our lives. For example, as a child, I experimented with smoking cigarettes and ended up smoking for many years before I finally had the willpower to quit. It is key to educate and set examples for folks to follow from a young age when bad habits may develop. Awareness and following up on regular check-ups with doctors is an important part of preventing illnesses such as cancer. My dear friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She caught it early and is doing all she can to fight it. Despite the healthy lifestyle she leads, she was a victim and her case highlights that working with health care providers to get regular checkups is needed to stay as healthy as we can be.
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