How to make Edible Magician's Playing Cards

On the 21st of October my nephew, Nicholas, will celebrate his 7th Birthday.  He asked for a Magician's Birthday Cake.  He brought me some photos of birthday cakes that he liked, and he asked me to choose one of those. As, you can imagine this is my next big challenge.
Here you can see the Magician's Playing Cards attempt :-).  I think they look fine. If I had a card cutter it would make this job a lot easier, so if you have one please use it.
Magician Fondant Playing Cards

You will need:
- White Fondant
- Icing Sugar (for dusting the surface)
- Edible printed rice paper
- A pair of scissors
- Gelatin for cake decoration
- Small Wilton fondant brush
- Edible black and white pens
- A ruler
- A small rolling pin
- A phyllo cutter
- Small letter/number cutters (optional)

Cut the rice paper

Roll your fondant into ½ cm thick. With the help of the ruler measure the sides (8.50cm x 5.50cm), and then cut them accordingly. You can use a cookie cutter, if you have one.

Use the gelatin (gel) to glue the rice paper onto the fondant. Remember not to use much gel. You will have a better result if you brush some gel on top of the rice paper, after you place them on the cards. Remember not to use a lot.

 On the top left side of your cards paint the number or the letter of your choice.

Allow them to dry. You can use Tylos powder to help your fondant dry easily, but you have to work fast!