Cupcakes for the Final Day of Pre-School

On the 15th of June my kids finished pre-school. All parents got a notice from school asking us to bring some snacks so the kids could celebrate their final day at school. I decided to make cupcakes for all the kids at school, so since that was a huge project I asked from my kids to help me.

They were thrilled with the idea (as usual)!  So, I prepared the cupcake dough and the kids prepared the papers for the cupcakes.

I used a cookie spoon to fill them and I baked them for 15’ minutes at 180ºC.

1/3 of those cupcakes were decorated with melted marshmallows and Wilton sprinkles. The rest were decorated with rolled fondant. I used strawberry jam as glue, so the fondant would stick on cupcakes.

I am sure you are wondering about the cupcake recipe. Well, the sad part is that I will not give you my secret cupcake recipe, but the good part is that you can use any cake recipe that you like.

If you decide to make your own cupcakes I have a chocolate cake recipe and an orange cake recipe in my blog that I am sure you will like a lot.

When my kids came back from school they told me that their friends liked the cupcakes a lot and they were asking for more… :-). I was so pleased to hear that, because as you all know, kids always express with honesty their thoughts and feeling…

I hope you like them too!!