A Tart You Will Never Forget!!

This is my favorite tart recipe. The crust and cream were adopted from Mr. Stelios Parliaros baking program “Glykes Alchimies”. Mr. Parliaros is my favorite confectioner. I have two of his books, and believe me, whatever he does is a success. His sweets are like poetry!!!

I used one apple, one pear, one orange and one strawberry for my final decoration. The final addition to the tart was one or two tablespoons of pistachio nuts.

I do not like using any type of gel on top of this sweet. I find the taste of the fruits much better than the typical gel they usually use on top of tarts.

Since I am not sure whether I can share this recipe with you I will just add a link to Mega TV and Glykes Alchimies. The program is in Greek but I am sure the recipes can be found in English as well.

I hope you like it too!!!