Tsourekia for Greek Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!
This is my 1st attempt of making Tsourekia, a traditional Greek treat for Easter. I found an excellent recipe from Kopiaste.org.  My friend Ivy creates wonderful recipes and she was the only one I could trust on this.

I changed a few ingredients though. Instead of using chestnuts I used Nutella and walnuts, in two of the four Tsourekia.  The other two are plain. I used 6 small eggs, 3/4 of a cup of anise tea, orange zest and evaporated milk. And by the way I forgot to sprinkle sugar on top of Tsourekia before I baked them.  The cooking time was half an hour and the taste is SUPER!!!

I think  I will make Tsourekia more often. They are incredibly delicious! Thanks Ivy for sharing this recipe with us. Have a Happy Easter!!