Chanel Small Flap Bag Birthday Cake

My colleague, Mary, gave me a call a few days ago telling me that her daughter will celebrate her birthday on the 23rd of October and that she wanted to have a special cake prepared for her. Since Antonia, her daughter, is a very modern young lady, I thought of a Chanel Bag. Mary emphasized, that she wanted an impressive cake that Antonia would love the minute she saw it.

I started thinking of how I could make this cake look impressive, so the first thing that came in my mind was that it would look better if I placed the bag on a cake looking like a cushion, but then I thought that this wouldn’t be enough so I thought about adding a shoe and a bracelet to the cake.

Everything on this cake was edible, made with fondant and gumpaste. The cushion was a chocolate fudge cake and the Chanel bag was an orange cake.

Antonia was very impressed with the cake, and her friends too!

Happy Birthday to Antonia!!!

The orange cake was covered with white chocolate ganache cream. Ganache helped this cake to stay moist and fresh. 

 Then it was covered with fondant.

The final details were made after the cake was assembled together. For the silver details I used a silver edible color. I have to admit that it took me quite a while to finish all those bits and pieces.