Magician's Hat Birthday Cake with a Suprise!

This was Nicholas birthday Cake which was actually made in 3 steps.
In a previous post I showed to you how I made the Edible Magician's Playing Cards, then I made the Magician's Hat and the cake.  Actually the cake was prepared by somebody else, but I have to admit it was very tasty!
Nicholas was very pleased with the result and I was excited to see him enjoying his birthday cake. 
Now I am curious to see what he is going to choose for next year :-) ...


The hat was made almost a month before the birthday party, because I wanted to be sure that I would have enough time to fix any possible mistakes or unexpected "accidents".
 I used fondant with Tylos Powder for all the hat decoration. It worked out pretty well!

When all the pieces were put together, I brushed the whole hat with vodka, so there were no excess powder sugar left.

I wish Nicholas a Happy Life and I hope that the next year's challenge will be fantastic as this one!!!