Organic Strawberry Cupcakes

on the 19 July 2011.
Strawberry Cupcakes
After a difficult week, full of emotional pain, tears and grief I decided to return to my blog with a sweet note.

I tried a new recipe with organic strawberries, from my garden, and a lighter version of cupcake recipe. I decided that I should replace butter with vegetable oil and simplify the making procedure. Instead of using an electric mixer to whisk oil with sugar, I used a hand whisk.

In this post I will share with you the decoration processing but please allow me to  keep the  recipe “secret” for the moment.  I am thinking of writing an e-book with all my sweet creations so, as you can understand, I am not able to make public my new recipes.

I promise that I will continue giving you some of my new recipes :-).

For the strawberry cupcakes decoration you will need:
- Organic Strawberry Jam
- Food brush
- Regal Icing
- Icing Sugar
- Wilton Pink Color (you can use red if you like)
- Wilton Green Color
- Edible Black Pen
- Wilton Rolling Pin
- Heart Cutter
- Tulip Cutter
- Regular Knife

Allow the cupcakes to cool completely before you continue with the decoration procedure. With the help of a regular food brush cover the cupcakes with a thin layer of organic strawberry jam and set aside.
Gather all the decoration equipment before you start the decoration procedure.
Color the regal icing and set aside. Roll the pink and the green fondant into 1/2 cm thick and with the help of the cutters cut your fondant into the shapes you see in the photo below.

With the help of a knife form the strawberry stem.
Place the heart shape on the cupcake.
Then place the stem on the upper part of the heart in order to form the strawberry. You can use a bit of the strawberry jam to stick the stem on the heart.
Mark black dots on the pink part of your strawberry.

Your Strawberry Cupcakes are ready to be served!