Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Well, I have to be honest...  This idea was not mine.  I saw a similar  photo in the internet, and I found this cupcake so cute!!

Banana Cupcakes with vanilla frosting, just before covered with

 With the use of a cookie cutter and wilton rolling pin I place the chocolate fondant onto the cupcakes.

 These little Michey Mouse ears were made with chocolate fondant, mixed with Tylos powder. I prepared them a few days before the final decoration and I allow them to dry. 

 First, I covered all the cupcakes with fondant and finally, with the use of a regular knife, I created two small cracks.  In those cracks I placed the ears.

 I used a bit of wilton's black decorating icing to make sure that the ears would stay in place :-)...

 It was a real pleasure for me making these cupcakes, and I was very glad to hear that their taste was equally good.  Thank you!!!