How to make Gumpaste Flowers

Today I bought a new set of flower cutters, so as all kids do I wanted to use them immediately :-).

I made quite a few daisies and some flower leaves, which I think I will use in decorating a birthday cake.

It is easy to use gumpaste as long as you work fast. You can make it using a traditional gumpaste recipe or by incorporating gum tragacanth into your fondant.

I find Tylo powder a quick and easy way to form gumpaste. Below you can read what I used to make my flowers.

Gumpaste Flowers

You will need:
200gr fondant (different colors)
1 teaspoon Tylo powder
Flower cutters
Wilton Rolling pin
1 toothpick
1 cotton bud
Wilton colors

- For every 200gr of fondant you will need 1 teaspoon of Tylo powder.
- Tylo powder makes fondant become hard, so you have to work fast.
- Incorporate the Tylo Powder into the fondant and cover with clean film.
- Use the rolling pin and flower cutters to form the flowers.
- Remove the gumpaste from the cutters with the use of a cotton bud or a toothpick (cotton bud works better).
- You can use them immediately or after several days.