Tahinopita (A Cypriot Lenten Pie)

This recipe was prepared before Easter and the reason for that was Ivy’s Liacopoulou cookbook, “Mint, Cinnamon and Blossom Water”, which I bought a few months ago. A book with flavours of Cyprus, my country.

The traditional Tahinopita we make in Cyprus is layers of homemade phyllo and in between each phyllo there is the tahini mixture with caster sugar and cinnamon. I had organic molasses at home, so I decided to replace sugar with molasses. The result was equally delicious…

To make tahinopita, I prepared a yeast dough which I rolled out with a rolling pin. I then added the tahini mixture in which I added organic molasses, then shaped the bread and let it rise. I baked them according to Ivy’s recipe and let them aside to cool completely.

I recommend “Mint, Cinnamon and Blossom Water” to everybody. This cookbook is a MUST HAVE. Since I am a Cypriot, I thought I knew everything but Ivy proved me wrong. Every single recipe written in that cookbook is unique and delicious. You can find a link to this book in the right side of my blog. I am sure you will be very pleased with this cookbook as well!!