Flaounα – Cypriot Traditional Easter Cheese Treat

Flaouna – Cypriot Traditional Easter Cheese Treat

Flaouna is a traditional Cypriot treat that we bake few days before Easter. The main ingredient is cheese. The recipe varies from region to region. For example in Limassol and Paphos we use salty type of cheese but in other towns like Ammoxostos they use unsalted cheese and they add to the dough sugar and raisins.

The other particularity of Flaouna is that each family has its own traditional recipe. For example my mother uses exactly the same ingredients as her mother did, my mother-in-law follows what her mother used to do and I guess I will do the same when I decide that it's time for me to get involved with this tradition.

From what I know the ingredients that my mother uses are: flour, cheese, eggs, prozimi (special type of fresh yeast), salt, mastic, mahlep, nutmeg and fresh mint.

The process starts days ago when my mother first prepares prozimi. Then, one day before the flaouna making, the cheese dough has to be prepared and allow to rest for several hours. The second day the “feast” begins. My mother, father, grand mother, aunty and however is available at the time has a role to play. I prefer not to get involved much, because it is a huge family process that has to end up giving the best results, so keeping a distance it is the wiser think to do :-).

In the photo you can see flaouna or flaounes (in plural), a cheese bread and an olive bread that my mother baked today. There are flaounes where raisins were added to the dough as well. She was very proud for the result and I am very proud for her success!