Easy Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert

This posting was taken from my previous blog in wordpress.com http://dreamsofcakes.wordpress.com/.  It an easy dessert that can be prepared in minutes, so I decided to re-post it.  Enjoy!

When we decide to eat ice-cream we usually choose to buy different flavours. Have you ever thought that a plain vanilla ice-cream can be transformed into any flavour that you wish, in just a few minutes? The dessert that I am suggesting below takes only 5 minutes to be prepared.

All you need is three ingredients: Vanilla Ice-Cream and two different kind of cereals. I used Honey Balls and Coco Pops. My first thought was to use Oreo Cookies but soon I realised that the cookies were long gone…

In a wooden bowl crush the cereals. You can achieve this result by using a plastic bag and a plaster.

Divide the crushed cereals in different plates. Now you are ready to proceed with the ice-cream.

Take a scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream and put it in each plate. With a teaspoon cover the ice-cream with the crushed cereals. The dessert is almost ready…

Place the ice-cream in a plate. Your dessert is ready. A plain vanilla ice-cream can be transformed into a gourmet dessert in just a few minutes. This is a clever solution when you have unexpected guests, or when your time is limited and you truly wish to impress your audience. Enjoy…!