Piano Cake

This cake was made for a teenage girl called Petroula.  Petroula plays the piano so she asked for a cake to remind her of her favorite instrument, but she did not want the usual piano shape.  So I came up with this idea.  She really liked it a lot, actually she was very excited with her cake.

It took me approximately 2½ hours to decorate it.  It weighted about 6kg and both cakes were covered twice with fondant.  The piano keys were all measured and cut on the same size and they were attached to the 1st fondant layer with a touch of water.

The letters and music notes were made with vegetable fresh cream. I find that this kind of cream always stands better on fondant but I never use it alone on cakes. Icing sugar and fresh cream is also added to the vegetable cream.

You can use any type of cake that you like. On this particular one I made a mixture of plain buscuits with cocoa powder, butter, sugar and eggs. Brandy was added at the end, which gave the cake a superb taste and smell.

I hope that you like this cake. Suggestions are welcomed…!