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Light Cream with Yogurt and Peaches

A light cream with milk and yogurt. Healthy and easy to make. A perfect dessert for summer. ----------------------------------------- Light Cream with Yogurt and Peaches
Ingredients 820gr Peach halves in syrup (6 large halves) 20gr powder gelatin ½ cup cold water ½ cup hot water 1 cup Greek type yogurt (2% fat) 2½ cups light milk (1.5% fat) ¾ cup fructose sugar 1gr mastic powder ½ cup peeled almonds, roughly chopped
Preparation Method 1. Discard syrup. Cut into thin slices the peach halves and lay half of those into a large round bowl. 2. Sprinkle gelatin over the cold water and allow to stand for 10 minutes. Then add the hot water and allow gelatin to fully dissolve. 3. Whisk yogurt, milk, fructose sugar and mastic powder until you get a smooth light mixture.
4. Add dissolved gelatin into the yogurt mixture and mix well. 5. Add almonds; refrigerate over night.
6. Decorate cream with the rest of the peaches and serve.

Chocolate Nutella Cake

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!! ----------------------------------------