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Black Forest (Forêt-Noire)

Black Forest by Stelios Parliaros!!   You can find the recipe here. It is relatively easy to make and delicious!
Thank you Lien! Have a nice trip back home! ---------------------------- For those of you who want a healthy snack try these delicious Energy Bars!

Daisy, Cupcake Birthday Cake

A Daisy, Cupcake Birthday Cake for a sweet girl called Melina. Happy Birthday Melina!!
Bitter sweet chocolate cake with chocolate feeling!!
Orange flavor Cupcakes decorated with pink and white fondant.

Finax Mjolmix Gluten-Free (Gluten Free Bread Loaf)

This was my first attempt of using a gluten free mixture for bread, and I have to admit that I was impressed with the results. I mixed all ingredients in a mixer. The texture of the uncooked dough was very elastic.  It looked like a boiled potato mashed in a food processor.
The package instructions were very clear and easy to follow, but I made a few changes to the recipe according to what I believe worked better. The bread texture was incredible, but you could understand the difference in the taste.  I am pleased that there are solutions for people who cannot tolerate gluten and I will try to use gluten free mixtures for cakes, cupcakes and pancakes as well. ------------------------------------------ Finax Mjolmix Gluten-Free (Gluten Free Bread Loaf) Makes 1 huge loaf
Ingredients 900gr Finax Gluten-Free Flour Mix 16gr dried yeast (or 50gr fresh yeast) 2 tsps salt 800ml warm water (-37ºC/-99ºF) 60gr melted margarine (or melted butter, or 50ml olive oil)
Preparation Method 1. Preheat the oven at 200…

Ballerina Shoe Cake

Happy Birthday Olia!
This was a last minute cake.  I think I could do better... but fortunately Olia loved it, so I was happy too :-)

Vasilopita for the 1st Day of 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!! --------------------------------- On the 1st day of each year, in Cyprus and Greece, we bake Vasilopita.The name "βασιλόπιτα" comes from βασιλεύς 'king' + πίτα 'pie', but was reinterpreted as Saint Basil's (Βασίλειος) cake.
There are a million recipes for this type of cake, and we all believe that our recipe is the best :-)
My mum usually bakes an orange cake, with almonds.  I use orange puree, masticha powder and zizimbri (ginger), and instead of butter I use extra virgin olive oil.