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Serotonin Booster

Are you feeling down?  
Does economical crisis affect your  mood?
Put a bit of color in your life :-)
It will truly help.  Trust me!!
By the way, if it is sugar free and fat free, you will feel better after you eat it as well!  


  1. Yhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I want that!!!
    So colorful and so delicious looking - love ice cream
    The rainbow ice cream :)

  2. So beautiful ... and I agree about the sugar free part :-)

  3. Ah, but we need the fat for satiation. ;) Just kidding, I know your diet is different to mine. Blessings, Eftychia.

  4. What a wild image, Eftychia. Amazing flavors like those could be sugar free. It's amazing the spectrum of ice cream flavors available in today's market!

  5. It looks beautiful but is it made of fondant?

    1. Yes!! And you are the first to figure this out :-)!!!!

  6. That is amazing!! and color coordinated too! My kind of style.

    Best part, it'll never melt. WooHoo!!


  7. Love this post about food being a positive Serotonin Booster! For is something that truly effects the senses. In my Developmental Psych class we are learning about the gradual failure of the senses. I can't imagine what it will be like when I age and my senses fail to function. My grandfather is going through it right now. He is taking medications that lower his sense of taste and smell. This depresses him and also leads him to make the wrong food choices for his health. The only foods that are appealing to him are high in sugar and salt. He is a diabetic, so this has very negative consequences. He lived in an area where meat and potatoes followed by a big scoop of chocolate ice cream were included in almost every evening meal. I wonder if a more moderate diet would have allowed him a healthier life in his later years...

  8. Hello All, @Monkey Sam, I agree with you. My Grandma is well in her "Golden Years"... and she is experiencing lost of smell, and she states that her taste has changed. I'm in Developmental Psych as well. Definitely a more healthier diet would have allowed him a much healthier life in his "Golden Years". I just feel some cultures have a lot of comfort foods; however I don't feel we ultimately have to deny ourselves of these comfort foods,we can minimize our intake. Its hard when a lot of sugary foods/ snacks gives us a rush which releases the serotonin in our brain (The neurotransmitters) , I feel that we will be better off increasing our serotonin by eating foods with protein, Whole grains, and Omega 3 fatty acids (found in fish) are also a great way to boost serotonin levels, not to mention healthier.
    I'm curious though, this ice-cream (fondant) here is said to be sugar/fat free, yet still boost serotonin... Looks pretty Good!

    (Merida Angelina Psy 240)

  9. Diana.M.(Psych 240)December 18, 2012 at 2:39 AM

    This post is exceptional for directly correlating the food you eat and the positive effects it has in increasing a person’s serotonin levels. Most of us do not interconnect the two subjects when going about our everyday lives. It is amazing how versatile the benefits of serotonin can stretch, as mentioned above in our senses, mood, memory, appetite, social behaviors and far more. I definitely want to incorporate a healthier lifestyle to ensure that these factors are more than adequate and up to par as I reach an older age in life. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and I ask myself at times if the effects of this disease could have been avoided with a change of diet in her earlier life. Though it is unlikely, I have become more aware of the foods I consume; however I do experience hiccups.

  10. Since it is winter and the days are dark, it is common that serotonin be low, because it increases with light. I completely agree with what this post says because by increasing the amount of color it will also get those feel-good chemicals back. Eating sweets is a good way too boost serotonin but maybe if you eat a variety of bright colored fruits and vegetables it may have the same affect as a ton of ice cream, but without the guilt of the caloric intake

  11. The relationship between serotonin levels and and depression can spell major issues for individuals during younger stages of development as well. As metabolism starts to decrease toward the end of adolescence/beginning of young adulthood, individuals who are not careful about their eating habits are at a greater risk of obesity and other health conditions. In addition, risk of the onset of clinical depression's often increases at this time. The two can begin to develop a cycle during which depressed individuals seeking a rush of serotonin end up increasing their risk of heart disease and face other health issues. This is a common/ongoing symptom of disorders like bulimia and binge eating disorder.

    Paolo L. (Psych 240)

  12. Many young adults are sad and depress about the way they look and their weight. So this is such a great treat to enjoy, since it fat and sugar free allowing them to enjoy such a colorful ice cream without any worries.

  13. Wow I love all the beautiful colours. Happy new year to you

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