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Sea Breeze with Cupcakes and Brownies

For making these cupcakes you can use any cake recipe.  I recommend this vegan recipe.

You can find a brownie recipe here.


  1. These are so cute! They must have taken a while to make...did you use a mould for the shells and sea creatures?

    1. Yes. Actually it was a mold used for chocolate but it turn out fine with fondant.

  2. Awww ... These are so cute and adorable ... Great Job :-)

  3. oh the very look of these brownies make me like to eat them. Nice job.

  4. You are an artist my friend! Those brownies look amazing.

  5. Aww.. These are adorable! I love the star fish and sea horse. :)

  6. You are so talented...these look fabulous!!!

  7. These are so so cute!!!!ADORABLE......!great Job!:)

  8. These are adorable, great job! I love the star fish!

  9. BEAUTIFUL !!!
    These are so cute and adorable, and I just looooooooove the colors!

  10. So fun! Totally makes me want to go to the beach! :D

  11. Oh my goodness! The sea turtle cupcake is brilliant! They're all brilliant, actually :)


  12. That starfish is well cute! I wish I could get sugarpaste (fondant) icing to lay so flat on my cupcakes. Moo x

  13. Everything you do is way to cute!

  14. Very cute! Cupcakes seem to be all the rage to make now and coming up with ideas on how to decorate them in a unique way can be challenging! Just like keeping your mind active and creative can help you stay young at heart (in your mind). Games, puzzles, social interaction with friends and family help you to stay healthy and hearty. My grandmother-in-law will be 99 years old this year! She still sees neighbors and friends all the time to keep her mind and body active. I hope I can live that long and have a wonderful (and creative) life. Keep up the great work! ~Michelle M.

  15. These are great! What a great way to welcome summer!

  16. Dear Efti,
    they look great! Thank you for the recipe!!

  17. These are truly amazing! So adorable! I am pinning these. :)

  18. Glenna WilliamsMay 9, 2012 at 4:33 AM

    Some people have talent to create beautiful cakes and others have talent to paint or sing or talk. It's genetics, Psychology said, and its also your environment. If you were encouraged and praised when you were a child, if you were nurtured and taught, then creating beautiful cakes will be as easy as putting on your shoes. As usual, these are beautiful, almost too good too eat!

  19. This is really cute. Summer, beach and cupcakes sounds really good. Cupcakes are really fun to decorate especially if your creative even if your not, it really helps you interact with family members and stay active. Also its always something fun especially with kids.

  20. These are so cute. I love the starfish.

  21. looks very cute, colors are nice as well. -Shumaira Yasmin

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