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Pirates Cake

When I use rum I always think of pirates and Cuba, that’s why this cake is called “Pirates Cake”. In 2004 I visited Cuba and I was very impressed to watch how Cubans make their rum that made me use rum in almost all my recipes. I use it even in the traditional Greek sweets, and believe me, it gives my recipes such a great taste and aroma that everybody is asking what is my “secret” ingredient.
I used ganache for the filling and coating of the cake, because I wanted my cake to have a bit of a color, and also because my son Nicolas would only eat it if I had some kind of a chocolate in it. You can use any filling that you like. I truly believe that strawberry or orange fillings would be perfect with this type of cake as well. ------------------------------------------ Pirates Cake
Cake Ingredients
¾ cup vegetable oil
350gr caster sugar (1 ½ cup)
3 large eggs
2 tspns rum
1 tspn vanilla essence
2 ½ cups all purpose flour
2 tspn baking powder
350ml evaporated milk
100gr Greek yogurt (approximately 1/3 …

Chef's Hat Birthday Cake

This birthday cake was made for a woman called Despo. I never met her, but from what I heart she is an excellent cook.  This cake was her daughter's idea and from what I was told later on, Despo loved it. It was a chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate cream and covered with white fondant.
I love creating new designs, and this cake was a challenge for me... Happy Birthday Despo!!

Elegant Wedding Cake

Few weeks ago my best friend, Antonis, gave me a call asking for a simple wedding cake.I was more than glad to proceed with this task and I started talking with the bride to be, Anna, about what she wanted. The only restriction that I had is that they wanted a chocolate cake that would not be too sweet.The rest would have been my decision. I thought of an off white two tier cake with modern designs. I even thought of using black for the designs. Then I thought of a more elegant version with flowers, but I did not know what flowers to choose. Finally, I decided that lilies would be a beautiful idea. Flowers were the first to be made, and then the covering fondant.I made a mistake with the color I used, and instead of an off white I ended up having a peach fondant. I was very frustrated at first and I was about to make a new one, but then, I thought that it would look pretty if I used it as the bottom cake, and voila… The cake looked very elegant!!! ----------------------------------------…

Chanel Small Flap Bag Birthday Cake

My colleague, Mary, gave me a call a few days ago telling me that her daughter will celebrate her birthday on the 23rd of October and that she wanted to have a special cake prepared for her. Since Antonia, her daughter, is a very modern young lady, I thought of a Chanel Bag. Mary emphasized, that she wanted an impressive cake that Antonia would love the minute she saw it.
I started thinking of how I could make this cake look impressive, so the first thing that came in my mind was that it would look better if I placed the bag on a cake looking like a cushion, but then I thought that this wouldn’t be enough so I thought about adding a shoe and a bracelet to the cake.
Everything on this cake was edible, made with fondant and gumpaste. The cushion was a chocolate fudge cake and the Chanel bag was an orange cake.
Antonia was very impressed with the cake, and her friends too!
Happy Birthday to Antonia!!! -----------------------------------------------------------
The orange cake was covered with…

"POETRY" CAKE: Pieces Of European Treasure Recited by Youth

Approximately one month ago, my friend Olympia send me a message asking me whether I could create a cake decorated with eleven flags, for a dinner party that was going to be held in a hotel in Limassol. The dinner was held for teachers that took part in an educational seminar. The theme was POETRY, which stands for Pieces Of European Treasure Recited by Youth. Actually below you can find all relative details concerning POETRY.

"POETRY: Pieces Of European Treasure Recited by Youth" is Comenius Project which aims to motivate students to become more interested in their own country’s traditional and modern anthological treasures and share them with their fellow students in the rest of Europe.
The ten partner schools are located in Cyprus, Lithuania, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Estonia, Italy, France, Poland and Portugal. The students taking part are 15 - 19 years old.
The participants will be involved in a variety of activities. As the project progresses, they will interview writers,…

Gun and Garden Birthday Cake - Guest Post By: Michal (

There are many cake lovers, makers, bakers and even eaters in the growing community of sweets, each with his own style and technique. I find it more than enriching to interact and meet those talented artists, perhaps grow a small community of "cakers", so appropriately called. That's why I'm happy to meet Eftychia, she sweetly (no pun intended) agreed to do a post swap. Her initial guest post on my site was a unique take on the art of mosaic pieces. This was a great start for our hopefully continual cake-ship!
Now, I give back what I like to call- Gun and Garden.

The world of gardening, shooting and those things unfamiliar became just the very opposite when I had to come up with a cake for He who likes both. Yes, my father in-law was having a Birthday and I was making the cake. I wanted to practice my patience and decided to make some gum paste figures.
I painted the fence with cocoa powder and water paste. Therest of the details on top were made with gum paste- fondant…

Mosaic Heart Birthday Cake (My Guest Post in Michal's Blog)

A few days ago Michal invited me to write a guest post for her blog. I was so excited for this invitation because Michal is excellent in everything that she does. Her cakes are masterpieces and she is an inspiration for me.
Here you can find the link to this guest post of mine: