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Magician's Hat Birthday Cake with a Suprise!

This was Nicholas birthday Cake which was actually made in 3 steps. In a previous post I showed to you how I made the Edible Magician's Playing Cards, then I made the Magician's Hat and the cake.  Actually the cake was prepared by somebody else, but I have to admit it was very tasty! Nicholas was very pleased with the result and I was excited to see him enjoying his birthday cake.  Now I am curious to see what he is going to choose for next year :-) ...
--------------------------------------------------------------- How to make Edible Magician's Playing Cards

The hat was made almost a month before the birthday party, because I wanted to be sure that I would have enough time to fix any possible mistakes or unexpected "accidents". I used fondant with Tylos Powder for all the hat decoration. It worked out pretty well!

When all the pieces were put together, I brushed the whole hat with vodka, so there were no excess powder sugar left.

I wish Nicholas a Happy Life and I hop…

Princess Castle Birthday Cake (No.2)

This is the cake I mentioned in my previous post "How to transform Ice Cream Cones into Sugar Painted Cones".  It was a big suprise for Marissa and Korina, and I was very pleased to see them enjoy their cake!! Below you will be able to see a few photos of the making process.

I used tip #Tip 233 to create the grass. I have to admit that it was not as easy as I thought it would be... The "rocks" you can see on the right and left side of the path to the Castle entrance, are sugar white rock candy.  Nobody believed that they were edible... The lake was created with caramelized sugar which was overcooked and smashed.

How to transform Ice Cream Cones into Sugar Painted Cones

I used these Ice Cream Cones for making Castle Towers. The technique is very easy and simple. I used only 4 ingredients which where the ice cream cones, caster sugar, food coloring and white sugar.  These Castle Towers where used for a Princess Castle I made two days ago, for two lovely sisters, Marissa and Corina who had a birthday party on the 22nd of October.  I will post the Castle Cake in a future post. --------------------------------------------------
In a plate, mix together the white sugar and the food coloring. Stir until the color is well blended into the sugar and then set aside. In another plate melt your white chocolate. I cut the chocolate into small pieces and I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. ( I used high heat) Stir a bit, until the chocolate temperature is reduced to 30º degrees (not hot any more).
Then take a cone and place it into the white chocolate, making sure that it is covered with chocolate.Use your spatula to take off the excess chocolate.

Place the choc…

Nellie the Elephant Birthday Cake

This Birthday Cake was made today for a little girl called Olga who is going to celebrate her 1st birthday tomorrow!  Her aunty wanted something cute and colorful for Olga, so I decided to make Nellie the Elephant from Pocoyo Cartoons. 
These little bees where made with fondant. I painted the black stripes with edible black colour. The cake was made with cocoa, biscuits, confectioners sugar, eggs, vanilla, butter and milk. Happy Birthday Olga!!! I hope you like the cake...

Square Box Birthday Cake

This was a birthday cake for a twelve year old girl, called Hara. On a ball I added 100gr of caster sugar and a few drops of purple colour. With the help of a spoon I managed to create a purple sugar effect. I used a bit of vodka to wet the top part of the bow foldings and then I stuck the sugar on them by dipping the wet part of the bow foldings into the sugar.
I used a new camera to take the photos and I had a little problem with the photos.  I will try to have a better result the next time...

Princess Castle Birthday Cake

This is Andrea-Dorothea's Birthday Cake. It was decorated by her mother, Diamando, who by the way is my mentor.  Very beautiful, isn't it?  The party was held on the 2nd of October, 2011 and not 2010 as the photos show... Happy Birthday Andrea-Dorothea!!

The party was a huge success!  Beautiful decoration, delicious catering!!

HELP Cancer Patients - (the Giveaway)

Dear friends,

Unfortunately no one met the four requirements about the Giveaway. 
The HELP Cancer Patient post, had only 9 comments from which none followed the giveaway instructions, which were:

In order to participate in this give away please do the following:

- Leave a comment on this post stating your thoughts about cancer.
- Share the post in facebook and/or twitter.
- Post at least a line in your blog/site with links to my post.
- Leave a 2nd comment on this post letting me know of your actions.

I hope you all keep helping people in need!!