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Suitcase Birthday Cake for me!!

1st in TOP 9 of Foodbuzz, on the 28th of September 2011.
On the 25th of September I celebrated my birthday.
In this post I was thinking to write a ton of things about my feelings and thoughts, but when I sat down to create the post I decided that I just wanted to show my cake.
This is the first cake I ever made for me. I am so happy I created something just for me. MY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!
A suitcase! Does this say anything to you??????? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Below you will be able to find the decorating process. Among other ingredients, I used cocoa powder and icing sugar to make the brown fondant.

It was not hard to make, and I really enjoyed it.  From now on, I decided that each year a special cake will be created from me, for myself with lots of love!!!

How to make Edible Magician's Playing Cards

On the 21st of October my nephew, Nicholas, will celebrate his 7th Birthday.  He asked for a Magician's Birthday Cake.  He brought me some photos of birthday cakes that he liked, and he asked me to choose one of those. As, you can imagine this is my next big challenge. Here you can see the Magician's Playing Cards attempt :-).  I think they look fine. If I had a card cutter it would make this job a lot easier, so if you have one please use it. ----------------------------------------------------------- Magician Fondant Playing Cards
You will need: - White Fondant
- Icing Sugar (for dusting the surface)
- Edible printed rice paper
- A pair of scissors
- Gelatin for cake decoration
- Small Wilton fondant brush
- Edible black and white pens
- A ruler
- A small rolling pin
- A phyllo cutter
- Small letter/number cutters (optional)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cut the rice paper
Roll your fondant into ½ cm thick. With the help of the ruler measure the…

Chocolate Walnut Tarts

This is one of my favorite desserts.  I like chocolate and walnuts very much, so the combination of these two ingredients forms the ideal sweet  treat for me...! Below you will be able to find the step by step instructions on how to make these tarts, and at the bottom of this post you can find the recipe. ----------------------------------------------------------- The dough has to be hard enough in order for you to be able to grate it. With the help of a spoon, divide the grated base into your silicone cupcakes pan. Press the dough into the bottom of the cupcakes pan to form a unified base.
Mix well the sugar, the cocoa powder and the egg. In a sauce pan heat the milk and dissolve in it the butter.Do not boil. Pour the milk mixture into the cocoa mixture and mix well; add the vanilla essence. Place the chopped walnuts on top of the base. Pour the cocoa mixture into the cupcake pan. In a preheated oven, bake for 25’ to 30’ minutes at 180ºC. Allow to cool in a wire rack. -------------------------…

HELP Cancer Patients - (and a Giveaway)

Not Called Team CAN For Nothin'

Founded as a not for profit charitable organization in 2003, Team Continuum provides immediate, vital, non-medical assistance to cancer patients and their families. What we do is quite simple, but has a direct, profound effect on their lives.

Team Continuum is honored to be an official Charity Partner of the New York Road Runners. With several hundred entries we are among the largest independent teams in the world-class 2010 ING NYC Marathon. Athletes who did not get in via the lottery or did not register at all can secure their entry by joining the team and registering online at Benefits include coaching, race day gear, and a private pre-race pasta party.

For more information visit our website or call 917-595-4168.

Cancer is a disease that can strike each one of us; Young or old, man or woman. I am sure that we all know people who have been infected by cancer disease.
Unfortunately, in the recent years, I hav…