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Ariel Birthday Cake (Mermaid Cake)

This is the 2nd birthday cake I made for Lien.
Unfortunately I did not have much time to prepare the fondant myself so I used a ready made one. Disaster...
As you can see, the blue fondant is full of cracks plus it did not have the strength to stay on the cake in one piece. Just take a look on the right side of the cake…
Any way, Lien and my kids were thrilled with the overall result so I was happy too.
My kids and Lien helped me as well, so they were busy and happy!
 I had to put the cake in the fridge the soonest possible :-)

Flip Flops for Lien (Birthday Cake)

On Saturday, the 27th of August 2011, Lien Dong will celebrate her 23rd birthday.  As I promised in an earlier post, this year I was going to choose a summer theme for her birthday. Well, this is one of the two birthday cakes, Lien is going to have this year. The other one is a Mermaid birthday cake.
She helped me to make and decorate the 2nd cake, without knowing that this cake was for her too. She was asking me how old is the girl and she was saying that the girl will be thrilled when she will see it. She only found out that it was for her when I wrote her name on the cake. 
Actually, she was right, the girl was thrilled... :-)!!! Below you will be able to find the recipe for the cake.  I am so sorry I forgot to take photos of the making process.  I only took a photo from the cake just before I baked it.
Vanilla and Strawberry Cake
Ingredients 100gr unsalted butter 170gr caster sugar
2 medium eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 1/4 cup all purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 150ml evaporate…

Sinful Apple Madness

I am sure you all know the story behind the "sinful" apple, so now you all understand why I gave my Apple Cake Recipe post this name; if only you could taste it...
------------------------------------------------------ Yesterday I opened th  refrigerator and I saw apples.  Immediately I new that for dessert we were going to have apple pie or apple cake. I was not sure yet. Finally I ended up with an apple cake. After the first bite, my father-in-law said that this was perfection!!!  I don't want to be sound arrogant but he was so right! :-)
I will give you some general information about the recipe that will help you recreate the same cake as mine. I hope you like it too...
General Information 1) Apples weighted a total of 1kg (peeled). 2) You can use less cinnamon. Do not use more; it will make your cake bitter. 3) You can use the same amount of peeled almonds instead of walnuts.
4) You can replace Cypriot zivania* with Greek Ouzo. 5) If you do…

Hot, Spicy, and purely Greek

In TOP 9 of Foodbuzz, on the 20th of August 2011.
--------------------------------------------- On the 15th of August my husband and I, invited both our families for lunch. A total of 18 people.
We had souvla, souvla potatoes, pasta (pastitsio), cherry tomatoes stuffed with tyrokafteri, potatoes “boom”, as I call them, (patates antinaxtes), various salads and Greek yogurt. Below you will be able to find photos of some of the dishes.
For dessert I made a New York style cheese cake, a fruit salad and ice cream.
Here I will give you photos of all the steps on how to make these stuffed tomatoes. -----------------------------------------------------

Hot, Spicy and purely Greek Very Easy
Ingredients 40 cherry tomatoes 450gr tyrokafteri* cheese 1 teaspoon of dry thyme 1 teaspoon of dry oregano
Preparation Method
1) With a knife cut the upper part of the tomato. 2) Using a small teaspoon remove the tomato seeds.
3) In a bowl mix the cheese, thyme and oregano.
4) Fill the tomatoes with the cheese. 5) Serve im…