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Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Well, I have to be honest...  This idea was not mine.  I saw a similar  photo in the internet, and I found this cupcake so cute!!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banana Cupcakes with vanilla frosting, just before covered with chocolate fondant.
With the use of a cookie cutter and wilton rolling pin I place the chocolate fondant onto the cupcakes.
These little Michey Mouse ears were made with chocolate fondant, mixed with Tylos powder. I prepared them a few days before the final decoration and I allow them to dry. 
First, I covered all the cupcakes with fondant and finally, with the use of a regular knife, I created two small cracks.  In those cracks I placed the ears.

 I used a bit of wilton's black decorating icing to make sure that the ears would stay in place :-)...

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

This cake was made for Demetris, an adorable two year old boy!  I hope he likes it. His mother told me that he likes Mickey Mouse very much!
Here you can see the cake decoration steps.  I used buttercream, in order to make the surface of the cake smooth.

This cake took me 3 hours to decorate it. The black part was the hardest to finish. I used wilton's black decoratcing icing. Happy Birthday Demetri!!!

Organic Strawberry Cupcakes

TOP 1 in on the 19 July 2011. Strawberry Cupcakes After a difficult week, full of emotional pain, tears and grief I decided to return to my blog with a sweet note.
I tried a new recipe with organic strawberries, from my garden, and a lighter version of cupcake recipe. I decided that I should replace butter with vegetable oil and simplify the making procedure. Instead of using an electric mixer to whisk oil with sugar, I used a hand whisk.
In this post I will share with you the decoration processing but please allow me to  keep the  recipe “secret” for the moment.  I am thinking of writing an e-book with all my sweet creations so, as you can understand, I am not able to make public my new recipes.
I promise that I will continue giving you some of my new recipes :-).
Decoration For the strawberry cupcakes decoration you will need: - Organic Strawberry Jam
- Food brush
- Regal Icing
- Icing Sugar
- Wilton Pink Color (you can use red if you like)
- Wilton Green Color
- Edible B…


What an irony!! On Friday I posted an army cake and today we had an army tragedy here in Cyprus.

At 5:45 today, a big explosion in a naval base, in Zygi, killed 13 people and injured 61 other. Some of them are very badly injured and we are all praying that they will manage to survive.

Today is a black day for my country. We are all in shock. Besides the human losses we are facing a huge problem with the electricity supply and water supply due to the damages that this explosion created to the electricity factories we have in Cyprus. The damages are huge...

I am trying to keep calm for the sake of my kids, but as a mother I am grieving with all those mothers who lost their children in this explosion.

My all rest in piece…

Army Cake (Loufa Kai Parallagi)

This cake was made today for George, a Greek-Cypriot guy who is going to join the army soon.

It took me more than 4 hours to make it, assemble the pieces and finally to decorate it. I reached a point I thought that I could never manage to finish it.

You can see the Cypriot and Greek Flags. Both mean so much to me!! And although I had a short warning this was the reason I decided to make this cake.

I hope you like it!