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Tahinopita (A Cypriot Lenten Pie)

This recipe was prepared before Easter and the reason for that was Ivy’s Liacopoulou cookbook, “Mint, Cinnamon and Blossom Water”, which I bought a few months ago. A book with flavours of Cyprus, my country.
The traditional Tahinopita we make in Cyprus is layers of homemade phyllo and in between each phyllo there is the tahini mixture with caster sugar and cinnamon. I had organic molasses at home, so I decided to replace sugar with molasses. The result was equally delicious…
To make tahinopita, I prepared a yeast dough which I rolled out with a rolling pin. I then added the tahini mixture in which I added organic molasses, then shaped the bread and let it rise. I baked them according to Ivy’s recipe and let them aside to cool completely.

I recommend “Mint, Cinnamon and Blossom Water” to everybody. This cookbook is a MUST HAVE. Since I am a Cypriot, I thought I knew everything but Ivy proved me wrong. Every single recipe written in that cookbook is unique and delicious. You can find a lin…

Strawberry Mousse (eggless)

Thanks to my father, in my garden I have a lot of organic vegetables and fruits. Strawberries are one of those.
Because of Easter I thought of creating a light dessert that would follow the rich Easter lunch. A strawberry mousse seemed ideal, but again I did not want to use any raw eggs, sugar or a lot of fresh cream. As I always do I opened the refrigerator and I saw yogurt, an ingredient that I use almost everywhere, and then I opened my kitchen food cupboard and there were the gelatin and fructose sugar.
In my mind the strawberry mousse was almost ready. The only trouble was the quantity of ingredients that I should use in order to achieve the best result.
What I did was to taste each step before I moved on to the next one. At the beginning I added to the strawberries only ½ a cup of fructose sugar but then I thought that it was not enough so I added another ½ a cup. Actually this was the only adjustment I did to this dessert. The other ingredient measurements were perfect. I thought…

Spring Sheppard’s Pie – Vegan

Sheppard’s Pie is one of my favorite dishes. Since now we are in fasting period I decided to change the recipe into a vegan one. The result was pretty good considering the fact that I did not use any butter or cheese in it. My first thought was to name this recipe Sheppard’s Rainbow because of all these colors, but then I thought that spring includes everything so I named this recipe Spring Sheppard’s Pie.
Below you can see in detail photos of this dish. It is quite easy to make so if you like vegetables give it a try. I am sure you will like it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Peel the potatotoes.
Cut mushrooms into small quarters.
In a deep fry pan lightly fry separately the zucchini, the carrots, and then the mushrooms with the onion.
In the same fry pan add together the mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, onion, sweet corn, red beans and the tomato juice. Season with salt and pepper.
Allow to boil for a few minutes until there is no liquid in the fry pan left…

Flaounα – Cypriot Traditional Easter Cheese Treat

Flaouna – Cypriot Traditional Easter Cheese Treat

Flaouna is a traditional Cypriot treat that we bake few days before Easter. The main ingredient is cheese. The recipe varies from region to region. For example in Limassol and Paphos we use salty type of cheese but in other towns like Ammoxostos they use unsalted cheese and they add to the dough sugar and raisins.

The other particularity of Flaouna is that each family has its own traditional recipe. For example my mother uses exactly the same ingredients as her mother did, my mother-in-law follows what her mother used to do and I guess I will do the same when I decide that it's time for me to get involved with this tradition.

From what I know the ingredients that my mother uses are: flour, cheese, eggs, prozimi (special type of fresh yeast), salt, mastic, mahlep, nutmeg and fresh mint.

The process starts days ago when my mother first prepares prozimi. Then, one day before the flaouna making, the cheese dough has to be prepared and all…

Shiamali Cypriot Version - Traditional Dessert Category

This recipe is posted especially for the “Creative Concoctions #3”, an event which is held in Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality.
This is a traditional dessert that does not need any special kitchen equipment for its preparation.It is extremely easy to make and delicious in taste. This recipe was adopted by Συνταγές για όλα τα γούστα
The original recipe did not include the orange zest in neither mixture nor syrup. But believe me, by adding orange zest you will give this sweet an extraordinary amazing smell. The other change that I made was the addition of the crashed almonds on top of the sweet before baking it. We all found this addition very nice as well, but you can omit that if you like. Below you can find all steps of the recipe. I hope you enjoy...!
Shiamali Ingredients: 2 cups of fine semolina, 200gr Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup caster sugar, ½ cup vegetable oil, 2 small eggs, 1½ tsp Baking Powder, 1 vanilla suga…

Lebanese Maamoul Biscuits (Mamoul Biscuits)

This recipe was given to me by a Lebanese family member. I made some small changes to it and I divided the original recipe by 4. As I was told, maamouls are usually made in Lebanon as an Easter dessert. In Cyprus we offer them as a treat to weddings. There are different variations: with walnut filling, pistachio filling or date filling. According to my taste all three are delicious!!!!!!!! This was my first attempt of making them, and to be honest, I did not refrigerate them before baking, so their shape after baking was a bit like a UFO instead of a maamoul :-). Below you can find photos of all the steps. I hope that you will find it easy to make. Good luck!!
---------------------------------------------------------- 1st Day With an electric mixer beat the butter with the icing sugar until light and fluffy.
Sift flour, semolina and mahlepi together.
 Add them to the butter and combine.

Add the rose water and the orange blossom water and mix well.
Allow to rest at room temperature over night. --…