Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuna Fish in Pitta Bread

The first time I made this snack was for my kids’ birthday party. Everybody was excited with the flavor and they were asking for the recipe.  Tonight I had to finish a retirement cake (I will give you all details in a future post), an olive pie and to prepare dinner for my family. So I thought that this snack would be an easy and delicious option. The preparation time is approximately 15 minutes and your children can help you as well.  Bon appetite…!!!

You can add green pepper or any other ingredient that you might feel will be nice with tuna. Here I have the ingredients that my kids like.
You can even replace these ingredients with "light" ones, and make it a diet snack.

Tuna Fish in Pitta Bread

240gr canned tuna fish
300gr canned corn
½ cup parsley
1 medium onion
½ cup mayonnaise
Salt and pepper to taste
11 small pitta bread, cut into half

Preparation Method
1) In a medium bowl, mix the first 6 ingredients together.
2) Cut pitta bread into half
3) With a teaspoon fill pitta bread with the tuna mixture.
4) You can serve immediately or freeze (maximum for 24 hours before serving).

Friday, March 25, 2011

Easy Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert

This posting was taken from my previous blog in  It an easy dessert that can be prepared in minutes, so I decided to re-post it.  Enjoy!

When we decide to eat ice-cream we usually choose to buy different flavours. Have you ever thought that a plain vanilla ice-cream can be transformed into any flavour that you wish, in just a few minutes? The dessert that I am suggesting below takes only 5 minutes to be prepared.

All you need is three ingredients: Vanilla Ice-Cream and two different kind of cereals. I used Honey Balls and Coco Pops. My first thought was to use Oreo Cookies but soon I realised that the cookies were long gone…

In a wooden bowl crush the cereals. You can achieve this result by using a plastic bag and a plaster.

Divide the crushed cereals in different plates. Now you are ready to proceed with the ice-cream.

Take a scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream and put it in each plate. With a teaspoon cover the ice-cream with the crushed cereals. The dessert is almost ready…

Place the ice-cream in a plate. Your dessert is ready. A plain vanilla ice-cream can be transformed into a gourmet dessert in just a few minutes. This is a clever solution when you have unexpected guests, or when your time is limited and you truly wish to impress your audience. Enjoy…!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vegan Chocolate Cake

This recipe was created especially for the “Creative Concoctions”, an event which is held in  Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality.
I decided to make a vegan cake, not only because more and more people are asking for vegan cakes nowadays, but because we are running a 50 day lend period before the Greek Orthodox Easter.
As I always do, I opened my fridge and kitchen cupboards and started gathering the ingredients which I thought could make a “tasty” marriage :-).
Below you can find the recipe which took me only 10 minutes to prepare. It is one of the easiest cakes I ever made and perfect with a cup of tea, coffee, cappuccino…  Enjoy!!

Vegan Chocolate Cake

½ cup vegetable oil
1 cup brown sugar
3 tablespoons maple syrup
2 tablespoons caster sugar
Juice of 3 fresh oranges
Zest of an orange
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
2 cups of all purpose flour (sifted)
1 cup of self raising flour (sifted)
2 teaspoons of baking powder
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
½ cup of almonds (crashed, to sprinkle on top before baking)

Preparation Method
1) Preheat the oven to 170ºC (340ºF).
2) Mix all ingredients together with a hand whisk.
3) Spread mixture into pan and add on top the crashed almonds
4) Bake for 45 minutes in 170ºC (340ºF); then continue baking for another 15 minutes to 160ºC (320ºF).
5) Stand cake 5 minutes; turn onto wire rack to cool.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoe Box Cake

Happy Birthday Eleonora!!!

My friend Eleonora has her birthday today.  So I decided to make a fondantbirthday cake for her.  Tomorrow we are invited to her official birthday party, and there, my husband will celebrate his birthday as well.  I will come back with more photos from the party.
I hope that you like the Shoe Box Cake.

Have a nice weekend!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greek Baklava with almonds and pistachio nuts

On the 6th of March we had the Carnival Parade in Limassol, my home town. Every year, on Carnival day, we are invited to my parents’-in-law house for souvla (meat cooked on charcoal).  This year I decided to make Ivy’s sweet called Kataifi Orange Pudding but my father wanted to eat baklava so I asked Ivy for a recipe. She gave me good tips on how to make it and I also found another baklava recipe in lolfoodie’s blog.  Both recipes made me confident enough to proceed in making the sweet and not only that but to change, add or omit some of the ingredients as well.  I am proud to say that I made a very nice dessert. My father and father-in-law were very pleased with the result.  I hope you like it too.

Here you can find my version of baklava.

Greek Baklava with almonds and pistachio nuts

250gr caster sugar
2 cups of water
1 tbsp of glucose
1 tbsp of honey
1 stick of cinnamon
3 whole cloves
1 tbsp of rose water
1 tsp of orange zest
1/2 tsp of fresh lemon juice

Put all ingredients in a small pot and allow to boil, on low heat, for 15 minutes. Set aside and allow to cool completely.

Baklava Layers
500gr phyllo dough for sweet recipes (13 phyllo sheets)
250gr butter or extra virgin Greek olive oil
250gr almonds
150gr pistachio nuts
¾ cup caster sugar
3 tbsps of cinnamon powder
3 tbsps of water (to sprinkle on top of phyllo just before baking)

1) Finely chop the almonds with a food processor; add ½ a cup of sugar and 2 tbsps of cinnamon powder. Mix well and let aside.

2) Do the same with the pistachio nuts adding to them the rest of the sugar and cinnamon.

3) In a small saucepan or in the microwave melt the butter. Be careful not to burn it.

The rest of the preparation method can be found in Ivy’s blog kopiaste or in lolfoodie’s blog.
Sorry guys my four kids are demanding my attention so I have to go. Both blogs give exact instructions on how to proceed with the recipe.

If you try to make baklava I suggest you put your own touch to the recipe, as I did with the syrup ingredients. Enjoy!

In case you need any help on how to proceed with the recipe please let me know.

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